Personal Manager, Lindsay Guion, Becomes Managing Partner at MIQ Magazine

As the CEO and Global Chairman of GUION PARTNERS, Lindsay Guion brings a unique perspective to the music industry. With a sophisticated understanding of various social platforms, Lindsay provides established artists and emerging talents with the necessary tools for success.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 10, 2019 / Forward-thinking executive Lindsay Guion brings his unwavering focus and confidence to his new position as Managing Partner at Music Industry Quarterly. Additionally, Lindsay Guion will be stepping into the role of Executive Publisher, where he will be able to utilize his skills to share and promote high-profile music events.

Established in 2009, MIQ is an informative online publication that highlights the industry’s best songwriters, producers, and recording artists.

Alongside his new position at MIQ, Lindsay has gained notoriety for his Grammy contender soundtrack Therapy. In collaboration with Barachi, globally represented by GMUSIC, the soundtrack fuses classic soul with modern techno pop. Lindsay Guion claims that the soundtrack provides listeners with a truly unique experience, as they follow the journey of a hopeless romantic trapped inside the body of a highly successful young man.

Lindsay Guion continues to push boundaries and is hoping to bring the same creative energy to his new position at MIQ.

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About Lindsay Guion

With over twenty years of professional experience in the music industry, Lindsay Guion is the Founder, CEO and Global Chairman of GUION PARTNERS – a New York based integrated management consulting firm. Having worked alongside Grammy award-winning artists, songwriters, and producers, he has been exposed to some of the most influential talents in the music industry. Lindsay Guion recognizes the prominent role of technology in the entertainment world and works diligently to provide artists with the necessary tools to make their mark on the industry. As an experienced executive, his primary objective is to recognize emerging talents and help artists succeed in an ever-evolving music landscape.

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