PaymentCloud Secures New Integration With PrestaShop Platform

LOS ANGELES / ACCESSWIRE / May 17, 2019 / The high-risk merchant services company PaymentCloud has secured a partnership with PrestaShop to allow the ability for merchants to integrate their business’ payment gateway online. This strategic move is an opportunity for both companies to expand their solutions for all types of merchants looking to secure credit card processing.

The ability to integrate into multiple website hosting platforms that exist in the eCommerce space provides flexibility and scalable options for merchants. In order to process payments, a gateway must be set up which acts as a mediator between the paying customer and the merchant’s bank account. While retail accounts would use a physical terminal, e-Commerce accounts rely on virtual payment gateways to process card transactions. Being able to then integrate these gateways and shopping carts onto the merchant’s existing online-hosted store is the next step. However, not all gateway providers have the ability to provide solutions for all types of online platforms merchants use.

By securing a partnership with PrestaShop, Chelsie Cooper, S.E. regional president of PaymentCloud, notes that the company will now have “a pre-installed module in all of PrestaShop accounts [as a] way to remove the friction and create trust for the business owner.” Because of this, PrestaShop will garner more diverse business types on their platform. Cooper expanded on the collaboration by adding that, “PrestaShop was a natural partnership opportunity. We are excited because we see PrestaShop as a leader in the e-Commerce space and we are always growing our partner base by supporting organizations who are offering best-in-class solutions.” This mutually beneficial venture is a great stepping stone for both companies as they expand their reach in the merchant services space.

About PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a leading e-Commerce solution that grants business owners the ability to create and launch their own online store. With over 300,000 merchants, PrestaShop has reached a significant audience through their outreach. The ability to reach a larger audience has been in part due to the many facets the company fosters. By utilizing the community, contributors and over 250 agencies, PrestaShop’s open source code is continuously being improved and updated with the most efficient technology. In addition, PrestaShop is partnered with several high-profile organizations like PayPal, Google and Facebook to provide exceptional e-Commerce integrations for consumers.

About PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud has the size, scale and technology to differentiate itself from other merchant account providers. With two cross-country locations and almost 40 employees, they facilitate the growth and success of high-risk merchant accounts. On the merchant end, the easy application, transparent steps toward approval and various integration options allow for them to curate the best solutions for their business. While on the partnership side of things, their dedicated division works with over 80 percent of top digital ISOs that utilize their hard-to-place program. A huge part of maintaining success in this arena is due to the seamless submission process through their new online agent dashboard Stratus, which allows efficient boarding and management tools with just the click of a button.

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