Kevin B. Wilder Jr., Founder of Inkredible Mind & Body Fitness, is Now Offering Complimentary Consultations

As a Fitness Coach, Wilder is Devoted to Helping People to Reach their Desired Fitness Levels

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2019 / Kevin B. Wilder Jr., Founder of Inkredible Mind & Body Fitness, is pleased to announce that he is now offering free consultations that are designed to help people reach their desired fitness levels, both mental and physical.

To book a free 15-minute consultation with Wilder, please visit

Wilder is a life coach consultant and motivational speaker. His aim is to help people reach their full potential by showing them different perspectives and teaching them that the only limitations are the ones they put on themselves.

At the same time, Wilder understands that leading a healthy and motivated life takes time and effort. Sometimes it is easy for people to figuratively drown in their problems and work routine and forget about or life goals or health.

This knowledge inspired Wilder to start offering the 15-minute consultations with people, all at no cost.

As Wilder noted, he also knows firsthand now challenging it can be to be overweight-as well as how it is more than possible to transform one’s physical and emotional health. Wilder himself went through his own life transformation when he lost over 100 pounds and went from 315 pounds to 210.

“I was a mailman for six years. But I never had plans about retiring from the post office because I knew I had something more. I got my affairs in order and took the money I had saved up and started Inkredible Mind & Body Fitness LLC,” Wilder said.

In a typical coaching session, Wilder starts by creating a safe environment in which his clients can see themselves more clearly. He then evaluates the gaps between where they are in life and where they want to be, and sets clear, easy-to-follow guidelines that help them transform their life, one small change at a time. His clients get the right tools, resources, and Wilder’s personal time to achieve change.

Wilder’s thought-based approach to life coaching is effective and delivers results. He works with every client’s unconscious programs and hidden beliefs that dominate their feelings, thinking, and actions. Whether a person has hit rock bottom or is a giant of their trade, he believes everyone has room to improve.

“I love making someone’s situation better. I love helping people achieve true happiness. I never had someone tell me I could do what I loved or motivate me personally. That is what I want to do for others,” Wilder said.

About Kevin B. Wilder Jr., and Inkredible Mind & Body Fitness:

As a leading life coach in South Carolina, Kevin B. Wilder Jr. provides objective perspectives of people’s lives to help them become the best version of themselves. Through his coaching, Kevin helps people deal with and achieve personal transformation in several aspects of their life including low self-confidence, lack of focus and self-doubt, fear and self-imposed nightmares, effective methods of communication, personal and professional relationships, time management, goal setting and skills coaching and others. For more information, please follow him on Instagram at


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