Terravion Announces Service Specification For 2020

Meaningful improvements for analytic and distribution partners ready TerrAvion for delivering improved data, greater reliability, and better predictability for agriculture

SAN LEANDRO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2019 / Every season, TerrAvion evaluates its operations and makes improvements for the next growing season. 2019 was the wettest growing season since 1880 across much of North America. It was a tough year in agriculture for everyone involved, and Terravion was no exception. As the largest volume provider of aerial imagery to agriculture, TerrAvion got to learn a lot of lessons the hard way about operating in challenging weather and logistical situations. And learn we did: our pilots, technicians, and engineers put in many hours and developed many new solutions to the challenge of delivering imagery reliably at scale under all circumstances. We hope North American agriculture never sees a year like 2019, but the changes and improvements TerrAvion is making mean we will be ready for it in 2020 if need.

“TerrAvion is committed to being the standard imagery provider ag professionals rely upon to see what’s happening in their fields,” says Robert Morris, Founder and CEO of TerrAvion, “Given that it was the worst weather in a generation and its cascading effect on our logistics, some of our customers didn’t get all the images that they wanted, and this is not acceptable to TerrAvion. We learned from 2019 and made changes that will allow us to fulfill our mission to provide the data that makes digital agriculture possible, under all conditions. In 2020, we are putting our unique experience to good use, making the service better than ever. TerrAvion is the most reliable image data source for agriculture now and in the years to come.”

Today, TerrAvion is releasing our 2020 standard service specifications. Some key highlights of our 2020 service specification are:

Improving data and uniformity across our footprint:

  • All sensors will be uniform across the United States and Canada and collecting at 9.77 cm mean optical Ground Sample Distance.

  • TerrAvion is adding dynamic exposure compensation and low light Signal-to-Noise Ratio hardware and software improvements. This will also allow us to capture high-quality data across a wider range of weather conditions.

  • Schedule design is standardized across all regions to weekly attempts on clients’ acres regardless of historical weather patterns; that is, long cycles have been eliminated. This should mean more deliveries for clients when weather allows.

Improving reliability and communication:

  • New service design which will result in more deliveries and more transparency about when to expect the next delivery.

  • Increase in fleet collection capacity and speed.

  • Conducted external audit of operations, created an improvement action plan that is currently being implemented.

  • New aircraft fleet and pilot organization enabling daily tracker status reporting to clients.

  • Improved aircraft allocation, basing, and maintenance program.

Our 2020 standard services can be found at TerrAvion.com/product-info.

About TerrAvion: TerrAvion helps ag professionals take a high-­tech approach to improve yield and revenue, with the largest cloud-­based aerial imaging and data infrastructure service for agriculture. TerrAvion provides growers from small family farms to the largest agribusinesses with current images and data that accurately detail the conditions of every acre, helping identify problems early before they impact yield. For more information, visit www.terravion.com or follow @TerrAvion on Twitter.

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