ZINK Zero Ink(R) Powers New Lifeprint Ultra Slim Photo and Video Printers

Inkless, instant-print technology and photo paper deliver best-in-class image quality; Hyperphoto™ allows users within Lifeprint App to embed video in photos, create and print digital experiences with augmented reality

EDISON, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / November 7, 2019 / Lifeprint today announced that the new Lifeprint Ultra Slim Photo and Video Printer will use ZINK Zero Ink® printing technology and photo paper, providing consumers with a unique digital experience, best-in-class image quality, and the instant-printing capabilities to capture everyday experiences and extend them into lasting memories.

Just 19mm thick, the Ultra Slim printer enables true portability. Its extra-thin and lightweight design makes this pocketsize mobile photo printer easy to take anywhere without adding extra bulk, and the rechargeable battery ensures that it is ready to go at a moment’s notice, without any messy cables or wires.

ZINK®, which stands for Zero Ink, is a full-color inkless printing system that eliminates the need for ink cartridges or ribbons. Devoid of bulky components, ZINK technology augments the appeal of Lifeprint’s portable, high-quality mobile photo printers.

“ZINK allows electronics manufacturers to align product development with consumer demand for smaller, yet highly-functional devices,” said Chaim Pikarski, CEO and co-founder, ZINK Holdings. “Together, Lifeprint and ZINK are addressing public preferences for mobility, convenience, immediacy and quality.”

Lifeprint’s Ultra Slim Photo and Video printer lets users print 2 by 3-inch photos in an instant, whether they’re in the same room or across the globe. Hyperphoto™ technology enables the Ultra Slim printer to print live photos from Instagram, as well as Snapchat, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, animated GIFs, and more

Augmented reality makes these moving pictures comes to life, which can be printed from anywhere on ZINK paper. With Lifeprint’s patented social photo printing system, sending photos directly to friends’ and family’s Lifeprint printers all over the world through is as simple as sending a text message.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Using the Lifeprint App, people can embed videos inside their photos as well as share recorded “Hyperphotos” to Instagram to with one or two clicks.

“Devices like Lifeprint’s new Ultra Slim Photo and Video Printer connects to any iOS or Android smartphones via Bluetooth, transforming iPhones into augmented reality-enabled, instant-print devices,” said J.C. VanDijk, president, Zink Holdings.

ZINK paper is treated with a glossy, protective polymer overcoat that is water resistant, tear resistant, smudge proof, and dry to the touch. Thanks to its sticky-back, photos are also stickers, perfect for scrapbooking, decorating photo albums, laptops and more.

The Lifeprint Ultra Slim Photo and Video printer is available online and at Apple Stores worldwide for $99.99.

For a full list of supported phones, please be sure to visit our website or the “Lifeprint Compatibility” section below to confirm before your purchase.

About Lifeprint

Lifeprint was born out of a desire to free the world’s photos from digital screens and provide the opportunity to hold the magic of real photographs in one’s hands. Lifeprint is an app, a worldwide social printer network and a portable printer that enables a truly unparalleled photo experience. The printer and app allow users to create augmented reality photos, then instantly print those photos directly from their smartphone. Every photo can tell a story using the Augmented Reality Hyperphoto™ technology, truly bringing photographs into the new millennium. To learn more, visit www.lifeprintphotos.com.


ZINK Holdings LLC (ZINK) is a privately held company headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts that invented ZINK Zero Ink® Technology. ZINK® is a full-color printing system that eliminates the need for ink cartridges or ribbons – all the color required for printing an image is embedded in the paper itself. The ink-free value proposition enables ZINK to provide full-color printing to the growing instant camera and mobile printer markets where other technologies have been unable to meet customer requirements.

For more information, visit www.ZINK.com.


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