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BLOOMINGTON, IN / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2020 / While Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe might not seem like the typical breeding ground for young entertainment entrepreneurs and multimillionaires, it’s proven to give Passion Java the foundation he needed to jumpstart his many career paths. Born and raised in Africa, Java came from humble beginnings, and realized during grade school that he had gifts for public speaking and creating music. What started out as talents he used as a creative release and a way to better his community, soon stretched much further than his own backyard.

In 2013, at the age of 25, he launched his own satellite television channel, Kingdom TV, a faith based network. This helped in amplifying his voice and reach, as he shared on spirituality and empowered millions of people around the world. This was a significant move for the young entrepreneur as his venture helped create jobs in his community. The birth of this venture made him the youngest Zimbabwean to own and launch a television channel.

Passion Java Records launched the year after, in 2014, with the purpose of helping cultivate young talent who might not have had the means to do so otherwise. Majority of his endeavors, have been stated to empower youth and create wealth in the community, and to export talent and services globally.

As an author, Passion Java has written over 40 books and has been invited to speak in over 50 countries. He has mentored presidents and is a business consultant to CEO’s of several multinational companies especially in the mining industry. This feat led him to set up his own companies in sourcing equipment and logistics across Africa.

As a young entrepreneur and millionaire, his advice on starting a business boils down to a few key factors. The main focal point is to be ready to not see any financial gain for six months to a year, at the very earliest. “The money will come in time, but the motivation and the purpose for the business should be the driving factor in the initial stages”, Java states. He also stresses the importance of having a clear vision, a solid team, an easily accessible location, and an awareness of who the target audience for the consumption of the product will be. Challenges will always arise, but it’s important, he believes, to use one’s tools and technology at his or her disposal to solve as many of the obstacles as possible.

As far as his current endeavors, he is writing a book that will help young business influencers around the world translate their passions into income. Most importantly, there will be an expansion of the Kingdom TV in terms of operations. This is a move that will facilitate creating more jobs not just in Zimbabwe but remotely, around the world once we tackle the current situation of the pandemic. The proposed expansion is primarily to help individuals get back on their feet.


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