SimulTV Technology Transports People To New Dimensions

SELMA, VA / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2020 / IMAGINE if you will DIMENSIONS(TM) where space is no longer the final frontier. Travel beyond our universe to worlds where apes control the planet, where the Sun explodes in its final glory, where aliens visit us from the silence of deep space, and where you strive to survive on Mars with a stranded astronaut and his monkey. SIMULTV brings you DIMENSIONS!

DIMENSIONS features top science fiction movies such as Robinson Crusoe on Mars starring Adam West, Slipstream starring Mark Hamill and Bill Paxton, and the BBC famed UFO TV Series. Alongside of these you’ll find great shows such as My Science Project starring John Stockwell and Dennis Hopper, the Planet of the Apes Trilogy starring Roddy McDowall, Charleton Heston, and Linda Harrison, and Meteorites starring Tom Wopat.

Beam yourself into sci-fi favorites such as Star Trek the Animated Series starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan, George Takai, Walter Koenig, and Majel Barrett, The UFO Incident starring James Earle Jones and Estelle Parsons, The Triangle Mini-Series starring Sam Neill, Lou Diamond Phillips, Eric Stoltz, and Catherine Bell, Earth Star Voyager starring Brian McNamara, and Logan’s Run starring Michael York and Farrah Fawcett.

So whether you’re looking to peer into a future reality or escape to another galaxy, cross over with DIMENSIONS!

SIMULTV CEO Steven Turner states “Sci-fi from its debut has been controversial because of its prophetic nature, and its inspiration for creating the future today. DIMENSIONS realistically guides you through the possibilities of what our future may hold.”


SimulTV is an OTT, OTA, and IPTV network founded as a division of Interconnect Media Network Systems by CEO Steven Turner in 2011, currently broadcasting more than 130 live channels worldwide with up to 4k quality. Streaming videos, thousands of movies and Videos On Demand, as well as popular channels including Sony Movie Channel, GetTV, Bloomberg News, InfoWars, HDNet, AXSTV, CineSony, Kid Central, Mythos, The X Zone, Battery Pop, Thrillerz, Euronews, Dimensions and over a hundred more channels.

SimulTV also offers a Set-Top Box (not required for subscription) which is small enough to fit in a back pocket, enabling viewers to take it with them on the road anywhere in the world. A subscription also provides the ability to connect two additional devices – a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or television. SimulTV apps are free in the Google Play and Apple App Store.


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