Spiritual Leader-Entrepreneur Sigourney Belle Discusses Bestseller Levianthan

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2020 / Sigourney Belle is a top spiritual leader and healer, whose modern-day healing techniques and spiritual practices are bringing a remarkable change in the world. The creator and CEO of The Wildgrace Movement, Sigourney has precisely infused her understanding of spirituality with her knowledge in medical science. As a spiritual entrepreneur, Sigourney Belle has made it her life’s vision to not only raise the vibration of those in need but to create an effective and far-reaching dialogue towards ‘spirituality as a career’. As a business mogul, Sigourney Belle runs training programs around the world, about spiritual healing. With her phenomenal leadership qualities, she has successfully sparked a global change through The Wildgrace Movement which is a revolution of its own kind.

Not just a spiritual leader, Sigourney Belle is the author of the bestseller book titled Levianthan. The book is an in-depth analysis of spiritual practices Sigourney has developed over all these years. Levianthan takes the readers on a unique journey and throws light on a plethora of tools and techniques which they can apply to their lives in order to achieve healing. In the book, Sigourney Belle has quoted multiple instances and breakthroughs, as she discovered more about her higher self while being on her creative and spiritual journey. The book demystifies the practices that involve meditative and yogic transformational energies.

Hailing from a medical background, Sigourney Belle finds it intuitive to figure out the root of one’s illness and extends clients with her healing process by amalgamating her medical knowledge with her extrasensory gifts. She specializes in work with high magic and alchemical processes which are designed to recalibrate people back to the state of health, well being, and spiritual abundance.

Sigourney keeps her practices and consultations completely client-oriented. She is now working on her next book, The Dark Empire, to be released in September 2020. The book is about changing the business paradigm from the inside out by aligning business strategy with our internal, deep knowing, and marketing with magic.

To know more about Sigourney’s work check out her media contact information below:

Name of the company: Sigourney Belle

Websites: www.theasatara.com and www.sigourneybelle.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sigourneybelle/

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/sigourneybelle

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/sigourneybelleasatara/

Business Email: sigourney@theasatara.com

Company Phone Number: +61400027187

SOURCE: Sigourney Belle

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