Vassilios Bitsas: This Marketer Is Proving His Mettle As One Of The Youngest Entrepreneurs & Social Media Insiders In The US

MEDINA, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2020 / Bitsas has made possible the growth of his firm called Wealth Gardens, making it the most profitable viral media companies in the world.

The world of social media and digital marketing has only seen the best of the phase since the past few years; moreover, because of the ongoing global pandemic called COVID-19, all those people and brands who had not realized the importance of viral media has now come to terms with it by fully engrossing themselves in the same to attain more popularity, better brand awareness with the aim to grow more digitally across platforms around the world. More and more youngsters from the media space have shown their talents and skills in carrying out marketing activities digitally that have proved to have exponential benefits to their clients. One such young talented lad from the US is Vassilios Nikos Bitsas who knows how to make effective use of social media and how to leverage the medium to help his clients achieve remarkable results.

Bitsas was born on June 14, 1999, and hails from Buffalo, New York. At only 21 years of age, this young gentleman is a successful businessman, and a notable social media and athlete insider. He already serves as the Executive VP of management at Wealth Garden Entertainment. His ability to adapt to newer trends of the marketing world and his skills as an entrepreneur has made him an expert in brand partnerships, profile management and social media marketing. He is lucky to have two talented businessman Napoleon (Polo) Kerber, and Charles Bascom who works with him and they also run the Musician and Athletes company.

Today Wealth Gardens is considered to be one of the best and the most successful viral media firms in the world. Bitsas already has more than three years of rich experience in business development, event production, and also knows how to innovatively use media for taking his clients and brands to the highest peaks in their respective industries.

The youngster businessman is already known as one of the leading influencers and entrepreneurs of viral media and with this, he has also amassed a huge number of followers on varied social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. His massive popularity on Vine of about millions of followers also translated to Instagram. His tireless efforts in his work have resulted in excellent sales, business results and success with the brands he has worked so far. Some of the brands he has collaborated with include Red-Bull, Calvin Klein, Fashion Nova, IMDB, and many other top names.

He has also worked, managed and created for many influencers like Lil Pump, Jake Paul, Izadi, Mackenzie Sol, Nate Robinson, Logan Paul, Supreme Patty, and so many others.

Not just that, Bitsas is also the founder and CEO of a company that is into creating press for musicians, celebrities, pro athletes and other prominent names. His company works towards setting up events, managing their accounts and carrying out strategic marketing for them and also finance their clients in investments and stocks.

Bitsas has a prominent presence on Twitch and YouTube as well. He runs his channel on Twitch as GamingWithVassilios (GamingWithV), Rejext Club for streaming his gaming content and manages the twitch account of Nate Robinsons. On YouTube, he stays active with his creative lifestyle videos and vlogs.


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