Josh Lester – Co-Founder of a Top Door-to-Door Sales Company in Canada

CALGARY, ALBERTA / ACCESSWIRE / September 7, 2020 / This young man, Joshua Freser Lester, commonly known as Josh Lester from Calgary, is a true inspiration to everyone who is looking to make it in this world while still at a youth age. You wouldn’t probably believe it if anybody tells you that this owner of one of the top 3 door-knocking companies in Canada dreamt of one day becoming a hockey player. This could be one of his wildest dreams.

Josh Lester didn’t grow up in a wealthy family and the experience highly motivated him not to live averagely like most of the people living nearby. He always worked harder in everything he had to do which led him to be obsessed with the hope of being the all-time biggest and youngest entrepreneur with a huge company that stands out for its unique services.

His dreams one day came true when he executed his business idea after dropping from high school and for now, Josh Lester runs a large d2d company, Exclusive Property Masters, together with his brother and they have managed to train and recruit a workforce of hundreds of salesmen inclusive of their friends who are making minimum wages and now make almost $1000 in a single day after being absorbed into the company.

This young entrepreneur is driven by the passion of first loving whatever he is set out to accomplish and secondly, waking up every day with the opportunity of doing something great within his life in such a manner that he was just destined to do it. At 19 years of age running a sales company that makes a 7-figure in just four months, isn’t that awesome?

Josh Lester’s company offers determined individuals an opportunity to make about $1000 in a day fully working up to between 90-100 hours a week. This has built up an amazing culture of hardworking students who have the determination of learning new skills and becoming rich soon. Josh says that you can always feel the energy of the workforce family they have created, in their van on their way to knock doors during their daily business-routine activities. Josh Lester and his brother continuously give people chances of doing great stuff and learn useful life skills where through the initiative they’ve managed to change the lives of hundreds of youngsters.

Josh’s company specializes in the sale of window cleaning on wonderful commission margins. He claimed that his salesmen are only capped by their skills and added that the best salesmen possess the best work ethics and attitudes but not the most skilled ones.

Josh Lester aims at reaching out to all the potential salespeople and the general public as a plan is underway to develop a company in use by next year which needs some credibility to have his name well known. All he needs are individuals who are hardworking, self-driven, people who appreciate the everyday work and individuals he relates with, and easily connect with them via social media platforms. His main goal is ideally the individuals between the ages of 20-40 years who need to get to know that Josh Lester is developing the largest company in the d2d records.

Josh Lester and his brother focus on training all interested individuals who join them without any sales experience to become the best closers across the nation. They have extraordinary and distinguished salesmen and they aspire to have dominion over any other Canadian door-knocking company. They strongly believe that they will just outwork any competitor salesperson of the companies in the journey to winning and greatness. Anybody who just tries it for one day gets absorbed fully to never return to their previous jobs again!

Today, Josh owns the best d2d companies in Canada. He is the CEO of the sales company-Exclusive Property Masters in Calgary. He runs the big organization!

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Contact Name: Josh Lester
Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (403) 6044669

SOURCE: Josh Lester

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