Compassion Behavioral Health Introduces Neurotherapy to Fight Addictions

HOLLYWOOD, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2020 / Leading substance abuse and addiction therapy center Compassion Behavioral Health uses a breakthrough method to nip behavior problems at the bud. The new approach is called neurotherapy, a cutting edge process that uses science-backed neuro signal research to detect the root cause of addictive behavior and health imbalances.

Compassion Behavioral Health, or CBH, is a substance abuse and mental health treatment center that operates out of Hollywood, Florida, and serves individuals all throughout the country. The institute’s facility can provide varying levels of care for people fighting different levels of addictions and mental health disorders. Compassion Behavioral Health provides sustainable and long-term solutions towards recovery and sobriety to thousands of individuals all throughout the country through its individualized and customized approach to mental health and wellness.

CBH’s latest service offering, neurotherapy, takes the work of healing people with substance problems to a whole new level. Also known as neurofeedback, the category of therapy considers decades of research on the human brain. It uses brain exercises to teach an individual ways to calm and soothe oneself when facing stressful situations. This approach helps people cope without the use of substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.

Neurotherapy doesn’t make use of any prescription medication yet boasts tremendous results. Studies show that recovery plans that include brain training and neurofeedback processes result in an 85% recovery rate. “Whether you are considering treatment for the first time, or you have been down this road multiple times, neurotherapy can help in any stage of the journey,” shares Compassion Behavioral Health’s website. “This approach could be the key to preventing relapse, which is especially high in the first year of recovery.”

Brain training sessions through neurofeedback typically occur in a quiet and private place where clients are attached to painless EEG sensors to track brainwaves. The process takes note of brain responses and follows the parts of the brain that “needs fixing.” Sessions last for an average of 30 minutes, which clients have described as enjoyable.

Compassion Behavioral Health dedicates itself to understanding drug and alcohol addictions more and more. It also puts a premium on understanding mental health issues and other serious neurological problems that communities and society face. CBH Florida’s goal is to deliver hope to addicts, mental health patients, and their loved ones who struggle and burn out from fighting the adverse effects of substance problems, depression, personality problems, and other mental health concerns.

In recent times, Compassion Behavioral Health also launched a telehealth program. Through the branch, the organization provides fast and effective mental health and addiction therapy over telecommunication. CBH supports sessions done via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, the new offering has become vital in the fight against isolation and crisis-induced mental problems and addictions.

As Compassion Behavioral Health continues to help people overcome addictions and mental health issues, they continue to progress in their methods. The organization is always open to trying new treatments or operational protocols to advance the mission of helping people heal their minds and souls.

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