Self Inventory Podcast Provides People With the Opportunity to See Life From the Other Side of the Glass

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2020 / The beauty of technology advancement can be seen in our daily lives. Technology’s most significant contribution is making the everyday routine simpler and more accessible. Among the many gifts that technology has provided us are podcasts. They are today what the radio platform was generations ago. With millions of podcasts streaming daily, it’s easy to get lost with which to follow. For those looking for a podcast to share their story, Self Inventory Podcast is one of today’s safest spaces.

Self Inventory is a podcast that allows people to share their life stories. The guests are given time to talk about how they got to where they are today and how they can work on improving themselves professionally and personally. It was founded by Brandon Chastang, who is best known as BMcFly.

BMcFly (which stands for Being Motivated Comes From Loving Yourself) has a story himself. He was a child born to teenage parents who were addicted to crack cocaine. Despite the environment he grew up in, BMcFly emphasized education’s importance thanks to his grandmother’s teaching.

However, the phantoms of drugs came back to haunt him when he grew addicted to the very medicine meant to help him. After 14 years on the pill, McFly realized that he needed to turn things around. He took the initiative and checked himself into rehab. He walked out the doors of Armes Acres, a changed man. Come January 21, 2021, McFly will be sober for three years.

He would share his life with others through various social media platforms and give people a visual representation of things they may have seen but never paid attention to. McFly’s works spread like fire, and people have been reaching out to him for help.

While McFly was touching others’ lives, he realized that not everyone knew what it was like to go down that dark path. He knew he had to do something to make people expand the way they think. McFly found that the only platform he hadn’t touched on was podcasts, which is precisely what he ventured into next.

McFly named his podcast Self Inventory, taken from the self-inventory report in psychology. It is a test wherein a person fills out a survey and answers direct questions about their personal interests, values, symptoms, and traits. This kind of test has objectively no answer as responses are based on opinions and subjective perception.

As the host of Self Inventory, McFly blends history lessons, current events, and talks with people from all walks of life to provide listeners with a self-inventory. The entire purpose of the podcast is to get people to see things from the perspective of others. In it, listeners and guests should always do a self-inventory on themselves.

The first episode was released in late September this year, with the newest entry on November 6. McFly hopes that people will take the time to listen to the podcast and understand that no one is perfect, that people act certain ways because their actions are learned behaviors and not taught behavior.

You can listen to the Self Inventory Podcast by visiting their website.

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