Upcoming Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist ATEE Conveys Talent by Integrating Poetry and Music

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / November 2020 / Brimming with talent and ideas on bringing something never heard before in the music industry, rising hip-hop and rap star ATEE merges the profoundness of poetry with his unique sound. The artist sets the bar higher for upcoming players in the music scene as he drops one powerful track after another.

ATEE hails from a rugged suburb in the Detroit area called Roseville. He was born Aaron Talukder in a broken home, growing up without a father. The artist spent most of his childhood in the streets, goofing around with some friends, and was frequently caught behind bars for causing trouble around his neighborhood. Still, ATEE possessed a strong spirit, and amid his challenges, the young soul found comfort in poetry.

Poetry was ATEE’s escape from his harsh reality. He expressed and translated his pain through words, creating messages and detailed stories. At the early age of 11, the artist wrote powerful poetic verses that soon became the lyrics to his music. At 13, ATEE developed an interest in hip-hop and rap. He began using his narrative to fuel his passion for music and combined his talent in poetry.

After five years of feeling alone in Detroit, his father returned and took him to Seattle, where ATEE now resides. Having a fresh start in life, the artist began to venture into becoming an entrepreneur but failed several times. He also lost 30 jobs and did not succeed in pursuing a conventional working life. However, ATEE remained hopeful for greater things to happen in his life. When he began pursuing music full-time, everything started falling into place.

Making lyrics out of his poetry, ATEE created unique tracks that captured music lovers in his community and got him recognized as an independent artist to be reckoned with. His promising tracks prove a lot to the music scene, serving as symbols of how a new artist is rising in Seattle. ATEE created tracks that combined his love for poetry and unique approach to music, enveloped in the artistic freedom he obtained from producing his own tracks.

Being a risk-taker, ATEE used his student loan to fully commit as a musician by purchasing studio equipment at 19 years old. He was determined to let his authentic sound flow without being limited by anyone or anything. “The cadence in my voice has a universal sound to it where a lot of people can relate to the message,” said the artist. Since then, he has been dropping unique tracks such as one of his most recognized singles called “Glitch.”

ATEE is exceptionally versatile as an artist, and he appeals to music lovers from all walks of life and ages. His talent as a lyricist and a musician shines through every song that escapes his studio and carries with them the promise that ATEE will genuinely dominate the music industry soon.

“I believe being honest with yourself before you start anything is one of the big keys to success,” shared the artist, aiming to inspire other upcoming artists who dream of carving their own path in the industry.

ATEE was not afraid to risk it all and did not hesitate to show the industry his true self through his music. Without a doubt, the artist will captivate global listeners with his poetic hip-hop music. To learn more about ATEE, listen to his tracks on YouTube. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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